Оригинальные учебные работы для студентов

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Learning foreign languages Speaking p. In my country, nearly every university student knows another language. I have friends who have learned two or more new languages. Most of them study languages at school, but there are other ways to learn. For example, there are free courses on the Internet.

And, of course, you can always buy a book and study without a teacher. And there are many people who improve their English by making friends on the Internet and staying in touch with them.

I speak English and French, and I like them both because you can use them in so many countries. You are also more likely to speak with a better accent if you begin speaking the language as a child. It would be an excellent way to improve in a foreign language, and it would also be a wonderful travel experience. I also make mistakes in grammar.

Уроки английского!

Because of this, it has been suggested that all children should learn English from a young age. There are, however, both pros and cons to this complicated issue. There are many reasons why learning English at a young age is a good idea. To begin with, children learn quicker and better than adults. There minds are still developing and are receptive to new concepts.

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In addition, having another language when they leave school will be an incredible advantage in the job market. On the other hand, there a young age or an young age эссе those that say that learning another language as a child is useless. Firstly, many children will not need another language in their daily lives.

Also, that children should be concentrating on their native reading and writing skills, not those of a foreign country. To conclude, there are two very different sides to this controversial issue. It is very much a matter for the individual parents involved.