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Canada реферат на английском языке с переводом

Выделите её мышкой и нажмите: Only Russia has a greater land area. Canada is situated in North America.

  • There is only one official language in Montreal and it is French;
  • Ниагарский водопад, пожалуй, самый знаменитый водопад в мире.

Canada is slightly larger than the United States, but has only about a tenth as many people. About 28 million people live in Canada.

Canadian Cities and Towns. Канадские города

Much of the rest of Canada is uninhabited or thinly populated because of severe natural conditions. Canada is a federation of 10 provinces and 2 territories.

Canada is an independent nation. Canada was ruled by Britain canada реферат на английском языке с переводом until 1867, when Canada gained control of its domestic affairs.

Both English and French are official canada реферат на английском языке с переводом of the country. French Canadians, most of whom live in the provinces of Quebec, have kept the language and customs of their ancestors.

Other large ethnic groups are German, Irish and Scottish people. Toronto and Montreal are the largest urban areas. Ottawa is the capital of the country. Today, maintaining a sense of community is one of the major problems in Canada because of differences among the provinces and territories.

Many Canadians in western and eastern parts of the country feel that the federal government does not pay enough attention to their problems.

Реферат на английском языке на тему Канада/ Canada с переводом на русский читать бесплатно

Many of them believe that their province should recieve a special recognition in the Canadian constitution. Канада перевод Канада — это вторая по величине страна в мире. Канада находится в Северной Америке. Канада немного больше Соединенных Штатов, однако в ней живет в десять раз меньше людей. В Канаде — около 28 миллионов жителей.

топик Канада / Canada с переводом

Канада — это независимое государство. Это символизирует прочные связи страны с Британией.

Canada – Канада

Другими большими этническими группами являются немцы, ирландцы и шотландцы. Торонто и Монреаль — самые большие города.

  • The average summer temperature is about 4 degrees above zero;
  • Канадские города Канада является страной с быстрым ростом населения;
  • The Niagara Falls situated in that part of the country attracts people from all over the world by its unusual beauty.

Оттава — столица страны.